Sunday, December 18, 2011

When did Christmas get moved up?

One week until Christmas! How did that happen? I've been so crazy busy and I haven't started on Christmas. Well, I've got a few gifts, but no tree, no decorations, no lights, haven't done our cards, no...well, you get the idea. I hate shopping and now everywhere will be crowded. Add to that, my mom asked me to make something for her. Yeah, right, I'll fit that in.

I'm still working on the books for the grandchildren. I keep adding to them. I should have said no more than X number of pages. Too late.

Our 'baby' graduated from high school in 2009. The first year it was so nice to stay home evenings. No sports, no parent meetings, nothing. It was wonderful.

Last year, it got to be slightly boring. This fall, I told the varsity basketball coach I would keep the books if he needed someone. I am now doing both the girl's and boy's books. I love it. I'm even riding the bus with the teams to their games. I didn't want to drive alone. Besides, why drive when I can let someone else do it. :)

Our church puts on a Christmas pageant every year, 22 now. I once sang in the choir. However, we were involved in a car accident (not our fault) and my back has not been the same. The chairs the choir sit in are not good for me. Everyone else loves them. Me, I take oxycodone for several days afterwards. When you take in to consideration we put the pageant on for three nights, I decided to skip the pain and medication. I now help park cars. I have power! I can tell people where to go. Okay, which parking spot. And tonight, it will be raining. I'd rather have snow.

We serve refreshments after the program. I have the baby making cookies for tonight. After Friday's program, the kitchen crew were down to one serving tray of cookies. There will probably be several hundred in the audience. We need to bake lots of cookies. That would be the royal 'we' as I'm typing and it's not in the kitchen.

We had Daphne for a couple of days last week. We took her to Storybook Land at our county fair grounds. She was slightly overwhelmed! It was my first time attending, too. I can't believe how much work went into putting it together.
This display had teddy bears everywhere, on a Farris Wheel, flying a plane, riding a carousel, ice skating, you name it.

One of the first things D likes to do when she comes is watch our Thomas the Train dvd.  

Guess who was at Storybook Land!
Her dad likes to watch...
Towards the end of the display were a couple of trains. This set also had Thomas. D was positive one of the buildings was Costco.

Santa was there, but the line was too long. Mrs. Claus didn't have a line and she handed out candy canes, too. It will be fun to take D next year and see if she remembers anything.

Of course, D always has to go to the pig barn with Papa. This trip was no exception.
I love that they are standing there, looking at the pigs and both have their hands in their pockets. For those who are interested, we have purbred Hampshire, Chester White and Tamworth sows (moms) in this picture. The white pig whose ears are standing up is a cross-bred boar (dad). Not pictured is the purebred Hampshire boar, a purebred Berkshire gilt (not yet had babies) and some other cross-bred animals.

This isn't getting any Christmas items done. I had better stop putting it off. :) 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Only Snow We Will Get Is In This Globe

We rarely get snow. If we do, don't laugh anyone, a quarter inch closes school.

Even though the Cascade Range is only an hour away, it is amazing how few people know how to drive in snow. Of course, I admit, I refuse to drive in it. But I have a good reason. I rolled a car over a 25 foot embankment when I was 17.

Yes, that was a good many years ago but I don't want to take a chance. (I hit a patch of ice.) The only good thing, well, two I guess, it happened across the road from our house and Dad was able to roll the car back onto it's tires and drive it home.

The worst thing about it. It was a '74 Maverick, Dad bought a '76 Maverick to replace it and kept the old one for parts...just in case. And yes, two years later, someone T-boned me so the parts came in handy. I then drove a car around with the look of the '74 on the driver's side and the '76 on the passenger.

When it was my sister's turn to drive it, she had the oil changed and they forgot to put something back in (they did remember the oil). 75 miles from home, on the freeway, all the oil drained out. Not a pretty sight. But not to worry, Dad had a spare engine.

So, I don't drive in snow because Dad might keep the car just in case I need to replace something. Enough about cars.

I worked on another page for my mini album today. It is another image from Doodle Dragon Studios. The snowglobe is actually a pocket so if we get snow it can be recorded!

I put Glossy Accents around the edge so it would maybe look like a globe. I've got some stickles in there for the shine. I need to speed up my page construction, but I like to color way too much! December is in how many days?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Page

Here is one page for a December mini album. With three grandchildren, one is not enough. I've got a long way to go.

The image is from Doodle Dragon Studios. With all of my back and forth coloring, I have no idea which Copics I used. I made the pocket it is glued on from the Echo Park Season's Greetings 6x6 pad. I love that paper. The music is also from Echo Park, the Holly Jolly Christmas collection. 

I'm planning on putting this in a book thus the empty space on the left. When I get all the pages made, I'll use my Bind-It-All to put it together.

I'm still trying to decide if I should stamp 'The Tree' across the top of the pocket. I'll probably wait until I know what else is going into the book before I decide. I have no plan. Whatever strikes my fancy is what I will do.

Here's to many more pages!

A Scattered Brain

I wish I knew why I can't start one project and stay with it.

I started our Christmas cards.  I'm using an image from Bugaboo Stamps. As I was coloring, I decided to start working on December mini albums for the grandchildren. So I started coloring images from Doodle Dragon Studios.

I checked our church bulletin and realized I missed some birthdays. I need to make cards. Then I decided I have no excuse for missing birthdays, so I went through the church directory and put together a calendar with reminders.

Wait, I thought I was working on Christmas cards!

I signed up for the Holiday Card Boot Camp with Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner. I've watched the Day 1 video. I'm now four days behind. I cleared my workspace so I could work on projects for this class. Looking at it right now, you would never know. I'd take a picture but I can't find the camera. I know it's here somewhere.

I got a text from SIL #1. He has to put in long hours at work and wondered if I would like to come play with the 'grandchitlins' sometime this week. In the end, I'll go up Wednesday, bring Daphne home Thursday and she will go home on Saturday. No craft time then!

Just found the camera. It was 18 inches from my head. Figures. In a place I have never put it before. That was a major mistake!

No wonder I'm scattered! If you can find it, note the large bottle of Tylenol. No, I don't pop those geltabs on a regular basis. However, if it gets too bad, they are close at hand. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011


When I saw this bear provided by Designed 2 Delight on the CDAC Progressive Challenge, I knew he was tubing at Hoodoo.

Once again I am taking some artistic license with this card. I don't know of a single polar bear in Oregon except at the Portland Zoo. Also, keep in mind this bear did not come with an inner tube to go tubing so I had to make one. Now take into consideration I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, so please pretend you see this bear sitting on an inner tube!

I colored my polar bear with Copics E000, 50, 51, and the scarf with R35, 37, YG63, 67. His nose has a dot of black Enamel Accents. The snowflakes are Diamond Stickles. The trees are a Studio G stamp and I used Distress Ink Bundled Sage and Forest Moss. I dug around in one of my cupboards and found a jar of DecoArt Snow-Tex so the bear would have some snow.

Tomorrow starts the Holiday Card Boot Camp with Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner. I hope I can keep up!

It gets dark early!

Changing the clocks is the pits. I don't like sunset at 4:56 pm. I guess I should look at it as an extra hour in the craft cave. But I still don't like it getting dark so early.

Here is the first card for the CDAC challenge. The catch this time was some form of fake snow. Does a snowman covered with Diamond Stickles count? How about torn paper for snowdrifts? Should I add white Enamel Accents for snowflakes? So many questions. Here is the card, minus the snowflakes.

The images are from Ellephantastic. Roger in his airplane was the image for this challenge. I got the snowman from her a year ago. I used my Copics to color both of them. Here is the list: Roger-E51, 53, 55, 57; Helmet-B34, 37, C3, Spica Silver and Glossy Accents on the goggle lens; Coat-E13, 15, 17, 18; Plane-G12, 21, 24, YG63, 67, R32, 35, 37, C3, 5, 7, Spica Clear; Snowman-B000, Blender 0, YR04, Diamond Stickles, black Enamel Accents on his eyes; Bird-R32, 35, 37;  Hat-B02, 04, R35, Spica Lemon; Scarf-R35, 37, G24, YG63; Arms-E37; Mittens-B02, 04, 06; and Buttons-E3, 5, Glossy Accents.

The sentiment is from Create with TLC and printed on Neenah Translucent Printing Paper. I've been afraid to use velum so I tried Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue and it was perfect. I can't tell where I put the dots of it.

Now on to the second card.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


The last week and a half have been crazy. DH has surgery October 27 and his recovery has been a lot slower than we expected. As the hopsital where the surgery was done is 80 miles from home, we are fortunate our oldest daughter and family live 10 miles from the hospital and let us use their home as a motel.

On the 28th Daphne and I went out for donuts and then visited Papa at the hospital. She wasn't too sure about what Papa had going on but was soon on the bed checking everything out.

After we left, I asked her about the needle in Papa's arm. She informed me 'It wasn't a needle but a decoration.' I'm thinking 'Great, Papa is into piercings!'

Brian was discharged Friday but we needed to stay in town for post-op blood work on Saturday. Went home Saturday evening, returned Monday for post-op doctor visit and more blood work. Stayed the night and came home Tuesday.

Daphne was determined to come home with us. How could I say no? It was the first time she has wanted to come since her brother was born. She went home Thursday.

Yesterday was the first time I got to spend time in my craft cave. Men have man caves, I can have a craft cave. It's not a cave, but like a man cave, I have my TV.

I started several cards and finished them today. One day cards! I'm getting better. However, after being gone for most of the week, the house really should have had some tender loving care. But, I decided crafting and college football was much more important.

I found a new digi store, Pink Cat Studio. I used one of their images on the cards I made today.

I actually got five of these puppies made. And started on a card for the CDAC Challenge. The question is, how long will it take for me to get it done? :D    I'm still thinking about the addition of fake snow.

As I stayed in my craft cave until 3 this morning, I'm thinking I really need to go to bed. I'm changing my clocks on my way. I don't want to get up any earlier than I have to tomorrow!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Barely made it!

Mr. Linky let me post my card on the CDAC Progressive Challenge #4. I received my Round 5 images and they threw in a twist, use the cool colors of the spectrum.

Now, when you think 'turkey,' is a cool color combination your first thought? It isn't mine. I decided to do some research and yes, there is a black turkey, Black Spanish. That led me to think about my Black Australorp chickens and the fact they are glossy black with a greenish-purple sheen. Greenish-purple is on the cool side. I can do an artistic interpretation of a Black Spanish turkey. Hey, it's my bird!

As I was coloring this black bird, I needed more color. The Black Spanish has light blue around it's eyes. I can do that. And then I threw the Black Spanish look out the window. I decided to dress this bird.

If I ever saw a bird that looked like this, I would want to eat pork, too! The image was provided by Sew Many Cards. I hope she forgives me for this strange bird. Elizabeth Dulemba provided the pig.

Obviously, I couldn't keep away from some of the warm colors. No matter what I did, I just couldn't color a blue pumpkin. I could have added watermelon! They are green and DH picked the last of them last week. Oh well, a little late in that thought.

I tried some blue corn but it didn't work either. As much as I love blue (yes, it is my favorite color) I had to put some other color into this. I guess this means I totally missed the additional challenge! Oh well.

I think I need to buy a frog to place my cards on when I take pictures. The card really is a 5.5 x 4.25 inch card, not a quadrilateral polygon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Favorite Things

I thought I would try my hand at My Favorite Things Wednesday sketch. Wednesday was three days ago, so I managed to make a card in less than two weeks!
I used MFT's Pure Innocence Bunch of Blooms, their Die-namics Mini Ticket Strip Border, and the 'Hugs' from Pure Innocence Love You With All My Heart. The Fine Lines backgrounder is from Cornish Heritage Farms.

The girl was colored with Copics: B000, B00, B02 for the dress; R29 for the heart and flower; Y08 flower center; dress band R20; flowers, Y02, Y08, Y15, Y15; leaves YG01, YG03, E000; shoes C3, C5, C7; hair E51, E53, E55, E57, E59. The sentiments and fine lines were stamped with Colorbox's Chestnut Roan chalk ink. I used Distress Inks, Antique Linen and Brushed Corduroy, for the edges. The paper is from Jillibean Soup, their Homemade 6 Bean Soup 6x6 mini pad. Love that paper.

I wonder if I can get a card done in a day? I'm willing to try!


So I've been busy the last two weeks. Last month I turned, yes, 50. I tried to keep it low key but alas, it was not to be. The women in my Sunday school class get together when one of us reaches the half century mark. I managed to delay it a month! I needed to make thank you cards and no, I have no photos. I have the supplies all laid out for a few more, so maybe I'll get a photo yet.

Then I got a nasty cold. My head hurts, the nose is plugged, the throat hurts and coughing is painful.

I've been working on the CDAC Progessive Challenge card for the last two weeks, in between everything else. (I really need to break this two week habit!) Tonight I got it finished. I thought, I'll post it tomorrow but decided to check the blog. No, it was due at midnight PST. As I write, it is 12:58 am PST. However, Mr. Linky is still up so I'll give it a try.

I went to get the camera. It wasn't where I left it. Now what? I hate to do it but I'll ask DH if he knows where it is. Yes, he has it. Doesn't he know I have important things to do? I wait for him to finish, grab the camera and take a few shots. Sorry for the quality but at midnight thirty it's the best I could do.

I used the Mandala provided by Daisy Doodles. I had fun coloring it. I played with several color combinations and liked this one best. I used Copics B000, B00, B04, B06, V000, V01, V12, V15 & Y02 and Bic Mark It Polynesian Purple and Hot Aqua. It needed some shine so I added Stickles: Yellow, Waterfall, Lavender and Turquoise. The scalloped mat is Core'dination's Elegance. The card base is Hero Hues Powder and I dyed the seam binding.

I colored and cut out the center portion and put it on 3D-Dots. I wish the Stickles showed up better, but it is what it is. Now to see if I can get this posted before Mr. Linky says tough luck!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can't work on just one

Yes, this is a 'Two Week Card,' too. I like coloring and will work on several at a time. Then after the images are colored, I have to figure out what paper is going with it! However, this card I got the paper from the local craft store for their card challenge. I then decided which image and what colors to use. What a novel idea!

I'm not sure whose paper they gave us, something Halloween, but I'm not into the spooky. The image and leaves are from Doodle Dragon Studios. The branches sticking out are actually My Favorite Things Die-namics Sheltering Tree & Leaf Trio. It is way too cool! I cut three trees and rotated them for branches.

While blog browsing yesterday, I saw DeNami Design Blog had an inspiration picture posted. I think this fits so I'll be sending it off to them.

Now to see if I can get a card, or two, done in less than two weeks!

The Two Week Card

A little boy played a duet with his piano teacher at church. Well, he is nine so maybe he doesn't consider himself 'little.' At my advanced age, he is!

Little or not, I wanted to make a card for him. Any boy who will play in front of a couple hundred people deserves a card.

The background stamp is Cornish Heritage Farms' Aged Sheet Music. The dragon and star from Doodle Dragon Studios, colored with Copics. The 'play every day' is from, yes, Create with TLC. I don't remember what Word font I used for Super Star. It took only two weeks to get the card made, do you really think I would remember what I did? :D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And the third...

CDAC project. Information can be read here.

Learned something new

I just found out the hard way that I can link to a post only once. So, here is a post for just the second card. I'm not retyping all the information. I am not that crazy! If you are interested in what I did, read here.

Now to post the third card...

Craft Fix

The last two weeks have been BUSY! Babysitting, canning, doctor appointments for DH and last night we picked the last of the tomatoes before the rain came. Today I'll need to can them after I get home from babysitting.

Yesterday I had to spend time in my craft room. I needed my down time. I got three cards made for the CDAC Progressive Challenge. The photos aren't the best but at 11:30 last night, it's the best I could do.

The first one is an image provided by Lia Stampz.

I printed her on Neenah card stock and colored her with my Copics: skin - E00, E21, E50, R21; hair - E30, E31, E33, E37; scarf and purse - B04, B05, B06, Spica Baby Blue and Clear; coat and shoes - R24, R27, R29; earrings - Spica Lipstick.

The paper is Cosmo Cricket's UPcycle. I found the sentiment at Create with TLC. Paulette is wonderful with free digis. I cut it out with Spellbinders S4-111 and used Barn Door Distress Ink on it. I mixed Barn Door Reinker with Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls and water in a Mini Mister to dye my seambinding.

Just Inklined provided the sunflower image.

Again the image is printed on Neenah and colored with Copics: petals - Y13, Y19, Y38, outlined with Spica Clear and highlights with Lemon; seed head - E29, E35, YR14, YR21, YR24, YR31; leaves G21, G24. I used Spellbinders S4-110 to cut the oval.

I colored a second butterfly so I could pop the wings up from the card; R24, R27, YR25, W5. After I cut it out, I covered it with Glossy Accents

The paper is Kraft cardstock and black (cut with Spellbinders S4-111) from my stash. I got the sentiment from Paulette at Create with TLC. The seambinding was dyed with Distress Reinker Mustard Seed mixed with Sunflower Sparkle Perfect Pearl and water.

My third card was done with an image from Glitterbabe.

Again, colored with Copics on Neenah: green apples - YG00, YG01, YG11; red apples - E04, R24, R27, R29; stem - E17; leaf - G07, G28; bowl - B91, B93, B95, B97, E11, E21, E41, E53; tablecloth - Y08, Y13, Y15.

The paper is Olivia from Basic Grey and Kraft cardstock. The sentiment is from Paulette. I told you I like her images and sentiments! And finally, I used Spellbinders S4-110, S4-111 and S4-304.

Now to link at the challenge. I hope I get more time to craft today. I didn't get enough of a fix yesterday.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Crafts not Laundry

I decided to do a second CDAC Progessive Challenge card. Did you really think I would work on laundry? I think DH wishes I would.

I used the Bookworm image provided by Jens Digi Stamps and added the bus from Elizabeth O. Dulemba. Of course, both were colored with Copics. The d, o, g and 1, 2, 3 stickers are from K&Company and the c, a, t stickers are Cosmo Cricket. Basic Grey's Basics White is the background paper. I put Glossy Accents on the bookworm's glasses and bus windows. I can't seem to use it without getting little air bubbles. I guess it just means I need to practice more and keep forgetting the laundry! The 'Reading,' 'Writing' and 'Arithmetic' are different fonts I have in Word which I printed on kraft card stock and cut out.

I tried several different lighting angles and the letters and numbers on the K&Company stickers just don't want to be photographed. Trust me, the set under 'Reading' says 'dog' and the other three are 1, 2 and 3.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I just finished my card for the CDAC Progressive Challenge. The image was provided by Ellephantastic through the challenge. I colored it with my Copics and popped it up with foam squares on Spellbinders Label Four.

The brads are American Crafts Pearl Brads. The sentiment is by Create with TLC printed on kraft paper. My stash provided the ribbon, sorry I don't know where I got it. Finally, the background paper is Oliver by Basic Grey.

Now, do I want to work on more cards or laundry? Like that is a hard question.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Home Again

I got home last night. I was so happy to be able to get in my craft room, I stayed until 3 this morning.  Yes, I am doing a lot of yawning! Here is the card I worked on.

I used My Mind's Eye Lost & Found Two Blush. I love that paper. I used some of the 12x12 sheets as well as some 6x6. It leant itself to a quilt pattern, so I pieced and 'quilted' it. Okay, so I used my sewing machine instead of doing it by hand. The sentiment is from Hero Arts, CL140 ClearDesign: Thinking of You Messages. I put it on translucent paper because I didn't want a chunk of white over my block.

After finishing the card, I went shopping. (Not at 3 this morning but after I spent a few hours sleeping and finishing the card in the daylight hours.) I bought eksuccess' Layer Punch Butterfly. I think it is going to be fun to use.

Now I need to work on my CDAC Progressive Challenge card.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Babies and small children are meant for young people

I've been in charge of Daphne since Tuesday. I am ready for a nap.

Christian is an easy baby, so far! Daphne loves him and wants to hold him. I love him and like to hold him. Daphne and I are alike.

I can't craft as I'm 80 miles from my supplies. I think I'm in withdrawal. I can't drive to a craft store as I don't have a car. Yes, the keys out of it. D and I went home Thursday, DH brought us back Friday and went home with the car.

We ate lunch outside today. I was sharing a bench with Daphne. When she finished she got down. I wasn't thinking about it, leaned over, tipped the bench and ended up on the ground. What can you do but laugh. And be thankful I didn't land in chicken poop. DD has four free-range chickens. I will not have free-range birds. I don't like stepping or falling in chicken poop.

As I can't work on cards, I think I'll work on a Sudoku.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Eagle has landed

Okay, so he's not an eagle but better. Daphne's baby brother arrived last night at 7:48.

I had put Daphne to bed at 7:30. She was snoring by the time I got the phone call. I went into her room, put my hand on her back and whispered did she want to go to the hospital to see Mommy and Daddy. Her head popped up and yes, she wanted to go. I didn't tell her why.

Daphne is happy with her brother, Christian. She even got to help give him his first bath. She sprinkled some water on his head.

After a couple of hours D and I came back home. As soon as we got in the house I realized I locked the keys in the car. The spare is 80 miles away. Now what?

As yesterday's trip was not rewarded with a new baby, DD2 and DD3 decided to come up, again, and actually see their new nephew, not just sit around and wait. They brought my extra key.  

After a morning spent with Baby Christian, D and I are home, with a car key, so D can take a nap. After her nap, we will head back to the hospital and then on to my house for the night. (D's other grandma picked us up this morning and gave us a ride to the hospital. DDs brought us back.)

D is not happy about a nap. She, however, is very tired and doesn't want to acknowledge it. Such is life with an abusive Gramma.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still waiting...

The baby is taking his/her sweet time in arriving. Daphne asks where are Momma and Daddy. I tell her at the hospital. She says the baby needs to come out of Mommy's tummy.

Last night Daphne told me she is having a baby brother. Today, she is having a baby sister. Daphne is female, she is allowed to change her mind! She will be happy with either one.

I am hoping to go home tomorrow. I didn't grab enough clothes to last forever! I will take the D with me because I am sure her parents will still be at the hospital.

Yesterday I had planned on canning peaches. Today I had wanted to do corn. DD2, DD3 and my MIL worked on my peaches. No one worked on corn. Maybe I'll get some done, maybe I won't. Oh well.

D is wanting to play. I guess that is why I am here so I had better play.

Does anyone know what an elephant says?

The Call...

came yesterday afternoon. I was babysitting the 7 month old so DD#3 had to relieve me. I went home, quick threw clothes in a bag, fed the birds and headed out. Arrived at the hospital an hour later to get Daphne. We stayed for about an hour and then headed to Daphne's house.

Still waiting for news. The D and I are busy watching YouTube crafting videos. Can't start too young! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Card

The ribbon was dry and I put the card together.

The image is from Anne's Digital Art at CDAC's Progressive Challenge, the sentiment from Create with TLC and the paper is Authentique's Uncommon. I colored the image with Copics.

Lesson learned? As soon as I bring new paper home, dye ribbon. I don't like waiting for ribbon to dry when I want to put a card together.

Buckle down?

I colored an image on Sunday. Last night I started putting the card together. Of course, no ribbon to match. What a surprise! I died some seam binding and hopefully it will be dry tonight so I can finish the card. I really am trying. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Daphne time

The Daphne arrived a week ago Saturday, left Wednesday.
I promptly got sick and didn't care about anything.
What a life!

This picture is from two weeks ago. DH's family decided years ago to have Christmas in July. (Yes, it was actually in August.) This includes the families of his five aunts and dad. With a group this size, being able to eat outside is an advantage. Plus, as you can see, the kids can play. DH is holding Daphne, Son-in-Law #1 (Daph's dad), Son-in-Law #2 and DH's Sister #2.

Jump to Daphne's arrival Saturday and her ride on a baby llama. Well, she says she sat on it's lap. Do llama's have laps? The two guys are brothers, the one on the right owns the llamas and keeps them here.

Found some blackberries on the way back to the house.

        She likes berries.

Monday and Tuesday we played with Addie, granddaughter #2. (I need to work on the indoor photos.) Out of two days, this is the best (read that, only) shot of the two. Someone was always moving!

Before leaving on Wednesday, we sat in the backyard and ate, yes, Blueberries! She tried her hardest to not look at me or smile.
Daphne's sibling should be arriving in the next few weeks. At the last ultrasound, Daphne declared her mom is having an elephant. Her mom hopes not!

I'll be staying with Daph while her mom is in the hospital. Actually, I am willing to bet I'll be staying longer!

With D here, it's impossible to craft. Being sick, I had no desire. Today, I have to buckle down and work on a bunch of cards. Here is to buckling down.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where does the time go?

I can't believe it is the 12th already! DH has had doctor appointments and last weekend we had our 2.5 year old granddaughter. She comes again tomorrow and will be here until Wednesday. That means even less time in my crafting room.

Here is what we did Saturday.

The girl loves her blueberries! We should have weighed her before we entered the field. I watched her eat some berries straight from the vine. Why pick when the berry is in reach of the mouth?

Icey Cream is also a favorite. Papa thought she should be rewarded for her hard work in the berry field. I'm not sure how she had room for it after all the berries she ate.

Then it was a visit to see baby pigs. I missed the shot of her kissing the baby. She loves to get in the pens and chase the pigs. 60 pound pigs do not phase her.

We don't farm anymore, but Great-grandpa still does. He farms our acreage and once in a while DH gets in the tractor. We weren't sure if Daphne would get in. Papa didn't start it until they were inside with the door shut. As they drove down the road, Daphne kept saying, "Papa, watch out for the cars."

Her mom couldn't believe she stayed in the tractor for 1.5 hours. As they started chopping the straw, Daphne kept an eye on the chopper. As time went on Daphne didn't like it when Papa would try to steer, she thought she was doing a good job even if she wasn't driving in very straight lines!

I don't know what we are going to do this weekend when she comes to visit.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Card

I have 'sorta' read the instructions. Now the true test, can I get a photo on here.

I did it! Now to work on my photo skills. :)

The images are from Doodle Dragon Studios, the sentiment from Create with TLC and the paper is Echo Park's 'Country Drive.'  I used my Copics for coloring the barn and a few things on the farmer and his wife. I was crazy enough to lay some DMC floss on the wife's head for her hair. (Mine is not grey, at the moment.) For the farmer's hat I pulled a linen thread off of a piece of 18 count Natural Linen and wove it.  

I want to do some more coloring tonight. I love my Copics.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who knew...

one post would bring a follower? Thanks, Stef.

Harvest finally started one week ago. It's nice seeing the combines running.

The chickens are growing. The chicken house is not. There is something wrong with that picture. Maybe I should start one. Oh, but I'll need to read the instructions. I've been looking at lots of plans online. I could draw a plan. That's close to reading the instructions.

I said I'd talk about pigs. Pigs smell bad. I've been told they don't. I have been in the hog barn. I shower as soon as I get home. They stink and the stink lingers. I'm happy they live 1.5 miles away.

As I read that paragraph, maybe it would be more accurate to say, when in confinement, the odor from the pig's normal bodily functions stinks. When the pigs are outside roaming around, the pig stench is not so noticeable. Of course, that also depends upon the size of the pasture. So, if a couple of pigs are roaming over an acre, the stench I could live with. In the barn, major stench, and I won't live near the barn (remember, they are 1.5 miles away). Small pasture, noticeable stench depending upon the wind.  I've even handled that. Is this clear as mud?

But back to my original statement and as I am the one writing, I say "Pigs smell bad."

DH grew up raising pigs commercially. Of course, in Oregon, commercially does not mean an operation like those in the Midwest. (By the way, why is the Midwest called the Midwest? It looks east to me. I guess I could go west for a very long time and get there, but that doesn't seem like 'mid' to me.)

Back to pigs.

When our oldest daughter got to be old enough for 4-H, DH said farm kids don't do 4-H, they live on farms. Okay, somewhere I missed that rule. And how did he know that? Farmers don't read the instructions and I'm sure a hammer is not involved when joining 4-H.

So daughters 1 and 2 did not participate in 4-H because they lived on a farm. Actually, DD1 wouldn't have done animals; it would involve getting dirty. One must be clean while living on a farm. One must believe dirt is not found on a farm. Dirt is nowhere on a farm. If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Along comes daughter 3, who never left my side. And I do mean never. When she got to be 4-H age, I said she is going to be in 4-H even if we do live on a farm. She must learn to do something that is not to my immediate right. Does she want to do beef or swine? She chose swine because they are smaller. Works for me, DH know about pigs.

First year, bought two weaner pigs. (Our county lets the kids show two market animals but only one can be sold at the auction. The second one comes home with us.) They (the pigs) were nice to us; they got the runs. DH and I are in the pen trying to catch them to give them medication. Catch one, we both get sprayed. Being sprayed by liquid poop is not an activity I would recommend. Avoid it if at all possible.

DH starts muttering, all G rated, "I hate pigs. I quit raising pigs for a reason." I ignored him.

First one medicated, caught the second. More liquid poop dispersed on person holding pig. Okay, I admit, I'm the one who pushed this project. I won't complain about the liquid running down my leg, but I do get the shower first.

Not so much "I hate pigs. There is a reason I quit raising pigs." muttering. Nor would I call it conversational statements. Probably forcefully stated would be a better description.

Second year, buy three pigs. Yes, three. The farmer we bought from sold us the runt of the litter. As one of the 'good' pigs was a gilt (girl), DD3 showed her in the breeds class and had the other and runt for market. The runt caught up and made weight. The gilt won Gilt of Fair. Not bad. DD3 also won Junior Showman; this from the child who would not leave my side.

DH decided to keep the gilt and breed her. I thought he hated pigs. Oops, didn't work out as she got sick, had a high fever and fried her ovaries. Just as well, DH hates pigs.

Third year, DD2 complains that DD3 gets to sell a pig and make money; she didn't get to do that. DH tells her she can join. She declines as it is the last year she is eligible and everyone else will be so much better at it. DH signs her up anyway. I thought he hated pigs, now we have to get four.

Have you noticed that every year we have to increase our pig purchase? He hates pigs. I was not involved in the need to purchase four. Actually, that year there was a pig shortage. We were able to find two, one for each.

Fair arrived. We laughed as the judge said you could tell DD2 had been showing a long time; if he only knew. (It doesn't matter how many pigs you take to fair, you have to show in the showmanship class.) DD2 is now upset that she didn't get to start when she was in 4th grade. Take it up with your dad; farm kids don't do 4-H.

As this is getting to be too long, I'll finish the pig story another day. It's just getting to the good part, in my opinion. Well, those of us who know the rest of the story think it is funny. DH, however, isn't laughing.

I'm going to work on some cards now. That is really the reason I started a blog. I needed a place to show them. (But that requires knowing how to get pictures from camera to laptop to blog. I haven't read that page yet.) As I was required to name the blog, I'd rather be known as the crazy person who thinks she lives on a farm then the one who makes really weird cards and just what was she thinking when she put those together.

Until another day...

Oh, I've made two angel food cakes with the turkey eggs. It wasn't as hard as I thought, just time consuming.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Wave? What heat wave?

Actually watched the news and found out most of the nation is having a heat wave. Sorry to hear you are suffering. If I could, I'd send you our rain.
The farmers here are almost a month late in getting harvest started. I hate to say it, but I'm so glad we no longer farm; I would be major stressed and spending time at the real funny farm. Our July rain average is .52 inches. We are at 1.05 inches today. The total isn't so bad, it's the number of days it has rained that is the pits; it's just enough to keep the combines from running. If we don't get some summer weather the fear is the grass seed (for your lawns, golf courses and pastures, not to smoke) will start sprouting.
Here's to everyone getting the weather they need/want. Cooler for those suffering through the heat, and heat for us.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What am I doing?

So, I've got the blog set up, now what?

I'm still reading. I want to know before I start posting. I may have married a farmer who reads instructions only if all else fails or the hammer isn't big enough. I, however, prefer not to fail. Oh, and he quit farming 11 years ago and still doesn't read the instructions.

Okay, not farming, why the name? We live on 13 acres, have chickens, turkeys, pheasants, cats and a friend keeps his llamas here. DH's pigs are down the road living in the hog lot and barn at his parents.

Why chickens? I wanted a few eggs. How many chickens does it take to get a few eggs? Less than what I have.

Last year we got a nice number of chicks, 15. As they were straight run, I knew there would be some roosters. That's okay. All is good.

DH wanted some turkeys. You know, birds for the holidays. Wait, Thanksgiving is seven months away. Just how big a bird do you want? Too big for the oven it turns out. One got butchered for our daughter to fix. It didn't fit in her pan, barely made it in the oven. That is the only one that was eaten. He still has three in the barn, one tom, two hens. At least we get some turkey eggs. I give them away, I don't bake angel food cakes or meringue anything. (By the way, we knew they should have been butchered earlier than November, but DH didn't ever have "the time" do them.)

DH goes to the farm store, they are wanting to close out their birds. He comes home with 11 pheasants and 7 more chicks. Wait a minute, the chicken house isn't built yet. Where are you putting these birds?

Daughter #1 had a racoon get to her chickens, so we give her several of ours. This works. Ended up with too many roosters, dealt with that. Sister buys chicks for her boys. One ends up being a rooster, he comes here to live. Wait, I thought I got rid of roosters. He will free range with a couple of hens. That works, until he decides he likes to be on the back porch. I don't like stepping out onto chicken poop. DH thinks it's funny. Rooster decides he is an attack bird. DH thinks that is funny, too; rooster doesn't bother him. One night some critter got the rooster and hens. I feel bad about the hens, the rooster not so much.

Pheasants I like. Back in the 'olden days' they were all around, now I rarely see any. I like the pheasant's call so we bought some. We let all but one rooster loose and kept the hens.

This year I decided to get some replacement birds so I would be ready for next years slowing down of production. 16 seemed like a good number, so far I think there are three roosters. 

A friend woke up Easter morning to find a neighbor had given every household in the neighborhood a chick. DH helps her out and brings it home. It is smaller than my 16 birds. The farm store is again wanting to close out the chicks. DH comes home with 24 more so the one can have friends. What am I going to do with 25 plus my 16 new birds? Have lots of eggs, I guess.

I'll talk about pigs another day. Anyone's guess as to when that will be! I'm still reading the instructions.

Do you still wonder about the funny farm?