Sunday, December 18, 2011

When did Christmas get moved up?

One week until Christmas! How did that happen? I've been so crazy busy and I haven't started on Christmas. Well, I've got a few gifts, but no tree, no decorations, no lights, haven't done our cards, no...well, you get the idea. I hate shopping and now everywhere will be crowded. Add to that, my mom asked me to make something for her. Yeah, right, I'll fit that in.

I'm still working on the books for the grandchildren. I keep adding to them. I should have said no more than X number of pages. Too late.

Our 'baby' graduated from high school in 2009. The first year it was so nice to stay home evenings. No sports, no parent meetings, nothing. It was wonderful.

Last year, it got to be slightly boring. This fall, I told the varsity basketball coach I would keep the books if he needed someone. I am now doing both the girl's and boy's books. I love it. I'm even riding the bus with the teams to their games. I didn't want to drive alone. Besides, why drive when I can let someone else do it. :)

Our church puts on a Christmas pageant every year, 22 now. I once sang in the choir. However, we were involved in a car accident (not our fault) and my back has not been the same. The chairs the choir sit in are not good for me. Everyone else loves them. Me, I take oxycodone for several days afterwards. When you take in to consideration we put the pageant on for three nights, I decided to skip the pain and medication. I now help park cars. I have power! I can tell people where to go. Okay, which parking spot. And tonight, it will be raining. I'd rather have snow.

We serve refreshments after the program. I have the baby making cookies for tonight. After Friday's program, the kitchen crew were down to one serving tray of cookies. There will probably be several hundred in the audience. We need to bake lots of cookies. That would be the royal 'we' as I'm typing and it's not in the kitchen.

We had Daphne for a couple of days last week. We took her to Storybook Land at our county fair grounds. She was slightly overwhelmed! It was my first time attending, too. I can't believe how much work went into putting it together.
This display had teddy bears everywhere, on a Farris Wheel, flying a plane, riding a carousel, ice skating, you name it.

One of the first things D likes to do when she comes is watch our Thomas the Train dvd.  

Guess who was at Storybook Land!
Her dad likes to watch...
Towards the end of the display were a couple of trains. This set also had Thomas. D was positive one of the buildings was Costco.

Santa was there, but the line was too long. Mrs. Claus didn't have a line and she handed out candy canes, too. It will be fun to take D next year and see if she remembers anything.

Of course, D always has to go to the pig barn with Papa. This trip was no exception.
I love that they are standing there, looking at the pigs and both have their hands in their pockets. For those who are interested, we have purbred Hampshire, Chester White and Tamworth sows (moms) in this picture. The white pig whose ears are standing up is a cross-bred boar (dad). Not pictured is the purebred Hampshire boar, a purebred Berkshire gilt (not yet had babies) and some other cross-bred animals.

This isn't getting any Christmas items done. I had better stop putting it off. :)