Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still waiting...

The baby is taking his/her sweet time in arriving. Daphne asks where are Momma and Daddy. I tell her at the hospital. She says the baby needs to come out of Mommy's tummy.

Last night Daphne told me she is having a baby brother. Today, she is having a baby sister. Daphne is female, she is allowed to change her mind! She will be happy with either one.

I am hoping to go home tomorrow. I didn't grab enough clothes to last forever! I will take the D with me because I am sure her parents will still be at the hospital.

Yesterday I had planned on canning peaches. Today I had wanted to do corn. DD2, DD3 and my MIL worked on my peaches. No one worked on corn. Maybe I'll get some done, maybe I won't. Oh well.

D is wanting to play. I guess that is why I am here so I had better play.

Does anyone know what an elephant says?

The Call...

came yesterday afternoon. I was babysitting the 7 month old so DD#3 had to relieve me. I went home, quick threw clothes in a bag, fed the birds and headed out. Arrived at the hospital an hour later to get Daphne. We stayed for about an hour and then headed to Daphne's house.

Still waiting for news. The D and I are busy watching YouTube crafting videos. Can't start too young! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Card

The ribbon was dry and I put the card together.

The image is from Anne's Digital Art at CDAC's Progressive Challenge, the sentiment from Create with TLC and the paper is Authentique's Uncommon. I colored the image with Copics.

Lesson learned? As soon as I bring new paper home, dye ribbon. I don't like waiting for ribbon to dry when I want to put a card together.

Buckle down?

I colored an image on Sunday. Last night I started putting the card together. Of course, no ribbon to match. What a surprise! I died some seam binding and hopefully it will be dry tonight so I can finish the card. I really am trying. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Daphne time

The Daphne arrived a week ago Saturday, left Wednesday.
I promptly got sick and didn't care about anything.
What a life!

This picture is from two weeks ago. DH's family decided years ago to have Christmas in July. (Yes, it was actually in August.) This includes the families of his five aunts and dad. With a group this size, being able to eat outside is an advantage. Plus, as you can see, the kids can play. DH is holding Daphne, Son-in-Law #1 (Daph's dad), Son-in-Law #2 and DH's Sister #2.

Jump to Daphne's arrival Saturday and her ride on a baby llama. Well, she says she sat on it's lap. Do llama's have laps? The two guys are brothers, the one on the right owns the llamas and keeps them here.

Found some blackberries on the way back to the house.

        She likes berries.

Monday and Tuesday we played with Addie, granddaughter #2. (I need to work on the indoor photos.) Out of two days, this is the best (read that, only) shot of the two. Someone was always moving!

Before leaving on Wednesday, we sat in the backyard and ate, yes, Blueberries! She tried her hardest to not look at me or smile.
Daphne's sibling should be arriving in the next few weeks. At the last ultrasound, Daphne declared her mom is having an elephant. Her mom hopes not!

I'll be staying with Daph while her mom is in the hospital. Actually, I am willing to bet I'll be staying longer!

With D here, it's impossible to craft. Being sick, I had no desire. Today, I have to buckle down and work on a bunch of cards. Here is to buckling down.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where does the time go?

I can't believe it is the 12th already! DH has had doctor appointments and last weekend we had our 2.5 year old granddaughter. She comes again tomorrow and will be here until Wednesday. That means even less time in my crafting room.

Here is what we did Saturday.

The girl loves her blueberries! We should have weighed her before we entered the field. I watched her eat some berries straight from the vine. Why pick when the berry is in reach of the mouth?

Icey Cream is also a favorite. Papa thought she should be rewarded for her hard work in the berry field. I'm not sure how she had room for it after all the berries she ate.

Then it was a visit to see baby pigs. I missed the shot of her kissing the baby. She loves to get in the pens and chase the pigs. 60 pound pigs do not phase her.

We don't farm anymore, but Great-grandpa still does. He farms our acreage and once in a while DH gets in the tractor. We weren't sure if Daphne would get in. Papa didn't start it until they were inside with the door shut. As they drove down the road, Daphne kept saying, "Papa, watch out for the cars."

Her mom couldn't believe she stayed in the tractor for 1.5 hours. As they started chopping the straw, Daphne kept an eye on the chopper. As time went on Daphne didn't like it when Papa would try to steer, she thought she was doing a good job even if she wasn't driving in very straight lines!

I don't know what we are going to do this weekend when she comes to visit.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Card

I have 'sorta' read the instructions. Now the true test, can I get a photo on here.

I did it! Now to work on my photo skills. :)

The images are from Doodle Dragon Studios, the sentiment from Create with TLC and the paper is Echo Park's 'Country Drive.'  I used my Copics for coloring the barn and a few things on the farmer and his wife. I was crazy enough to lay some DMC floss on the wife's head for her hair. (Mine is not grey, at the moment.) For the farmer's hat I pulled a linen thread off of a piece of 18 count Natural Linen and wove it.  

I want to do some more coloring tonight. I love my Copics.