Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hi There!

I wish I knew why I wait until the last minute! Dustin Pike posted a challenge on February 11. I got my card finished and linked with one minute left. What? Didn't I know for days that I wanted to make a card?

Dustin's challenge was to use colors, any or all of red, purple, black, brown and pink. I managed to get all of them in there!

I'm not counting the black ink as the black. I colored the rabbit's nose black. I wish I owned a cloud stamp to break up the sky. However, if I did, I wouldn't have made the deadline. :)

Two of the flowers have a layer popped up on 1/16" foam dots and one has two layers on the 1/16" dots. I used my Copics to color. No, I didn't keep track of which ones I used. It was a case of grab and color. I'd pull one out, decide it wasn't going to work, throw it in a pile and grab the next one. Yes, I have a mess to clean up.

I really need to start working on these challenges earlier! However, this week DH is gone on business and I'm planning on doing some purging.

I'm wondering how much of his 'stuff' I can get rid of without getting into trouble. He believes if he throws anything away, he will need it next week. I have fears of being on the Hoarders tv show. But I had better be careful because my crafting supplies are not stuff and he might decide to retaliate!


Boxofcolours said...

Great job Kelley for fitting all the colours in! Thanks for joining us this week at Pike's Playground.

Jennifer Dove said...

thanks for plain' with us this week!! I am LOVIN' it!!!!

Gramma said...

Great job with all the colors Kelley! Thanks for joining us at "Pike's Playground."