Saturday, January 19, 2013

I don't like it

But I turned the word verification back on. I don't like spam and was getting too much. If there were a better way, I'd do it! Any suggestions?

Brought Pascha home today. The llamas ran to the fence to check her out but would run away if Pascha got too close. Annie checked her out and did not run away. Good horse!

I'd post a picture but it was almost dark when we got home and by the time we had her settled, it was dark. Not good photo shooting light. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh my!

I knew it had been some time since I had posted. I didn't realize it had been THAT long!

I added more to my schedule this past fall. I'm now teaching the 2 year old children at our church and doing our church bulletin. 

Then I did something I had no plan of doing, I bought a horse, Annie. The people I bought Annie from rescued her from an auction. She was in pretty bad shape when they got her but had her on the road to recovery. 

As I had no plans to buy a horse, I had some quick fencing and shelter work to do. DH had bought a Powder Mountain shelter several years ago. The plan had always been using it for parking the car. (When the house you live in was built over 100 years ago, garages were not important.) However, that never happened. 

As a friend has llamas living here, I couldn't put Annie out in the pasture with them until they became familiar with each other. That meant quick putting in some fence posts and adding some cattle panels. Annie lived there for a couple of weeks.
As you can see, she needed to put more weight on. I bought a horse blanket as she had no fat to keep her warm this winter.  
The day after we brought Annie home, Daphne was here and I asked if she wanted to go see the llamas. As we were walking out there, all of a sudden Daph says, "Gramma, you have a horse!" She was so excited. I loved the look on her face.
Daphne loves Annie. I didn't know how Annie would be around small children so was very careful. However, Annie proved to be wonderful. 

Whenever Daph is here, she wants to take Annie on a walk. Daph isn't brave enough to get on Annie, but one day. I haven't ridden Annie either. I want her to be up to weight first. Our vet checked her last month and says she could use another 30 pounds.

Once Annie grazed down the temporary location, and the llamas knew she was okay, we moved her into the pasture. Yes, we moved the shelter, too. And I've been putting up more fence. I should be out putting up more as I write.

As Annie had been starved, she was very possessive regarding feed. The llamas like to share, not Annie. They learned when her ears went back,  'Move, Quickly!'
Annie is now more willing to share but as you can see, the little guy in front is ready to jump back, just in case! The manger is one of the llamas feeding areas, however, Annie has laid claim to it. When their owner comes to feed them, this one gets an 'Annie portion' to keep her busy while he puts feed in the other two. She is trusting enough in getting fed that if she starts towards the other two we tell her to go back to hers and leave the others alone. She does a good job of listening, while we are watching.  

To add more spice to life, DH has been researching dual purpose beef, ones that can be milked and have good beef qualities. He found this sweetheart online.
She is a registered Milking Shorthorn and comes home Saturday. As she is only nine months old, she won't get bred until she is at least 18 months. Then a nine month pregnancy, so we have a year and a half before I have to start milking. :) 

I really am hoping to get back to my craft cave! I started Christmas cards in November but they will be for next year. 

I MUST get out to the fence project. Thanks for stopping by.