Saturday, January 19, 2013

I don't like it

But I turned the word verification back on. I don't like spam and was getting too much. If there were a better way, I'd do it! Any suggestions?

Brought Pascha home today. The llamas ran to the fence to check her out but would run away if Pascha got too close. Annie checked her out and did not run away. Good horse!

I'd post a picture but it was almost dark when we got home and by the time we had her settled, it was dark. Not good photo shooting light. :)

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Shannon White said...

Hey there!

Maybe just turn on your comment moderation mode.. I got rid of my word verification, but I still have my blog set for me to moderate my comments and approve them before they go live on my blog, So I am able to weed out the spam that way.. 8-)