Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Only Snow We Will Get Is In This Globe

We rarely get snow. If we do, don't laugh anyone, a quarter inch closes school.

Even though the Cascade Range is only an hour away, it is amazing how few people know how to drive in snow. Of course, I admit, I refuse to drive in it. But I have a good reason. I rolled a car over a 25 foot embankment when I was 17.

Yes, that was a good many years ago but I don't want to take a chance. (I hit a patch of ice.) The only good thing, well, two I guess, it happened across the road from our house and Dad was able to roll the car back onto it's tires and drive it home.

The worst thing about it. It was a '74 Maverick, Dad bought a '76 Maverick to replace it and kept the old one for parts...just in case. And yes, two years later, someone T-boned me so the parts came in handy. I then drove a car around with the look of the '74 on the driver's side and the '76 on the passenger.

When it was my sister's turn to drive it, she had the oil changed and they forgot to put something back in (they did remember the oil). 75 miles from home, on the freeway, all the oil drained out. Not a pretty sight. But not to worry, Dad had a spare engine.

So, I don't drive in snow because Dad might keep the car just in case I need to replace something. Enough about cars.

I worked on another page for my mini album today. It is another image from Doodle Dragon Studios. The snowglobe is actually a pocket so if we get snow it can be recorded!

I put Glossy Accents around the edge so it would maybe look like a globe. I've got some stickles in there for the shine. I need to speed up my page construction, but I like to color way too much! December is in how many days?


Marlene said...

Adorable card - love the glitter! Wow - those are some car stories! Thankfully I've never rolled a car - don't think I want to start, either. Doesn't sound like fun!

Kathie ~ Beary Wishes said...

Hi Kelley, your card is too cute! Love all the glitter!
BTW, you were one of the Wish List winners in my giveaway. Please pop over to my blog and email me to receive the images.
Hugs, Kathie

yyam said...

Your card is super cute! And I loved reading your car story! :)

ladyjanet_56 said...

What a great card I just popped over to say thank you for your lovely comment on my blog for the B&B challenge. Janet

Stampin D Amour said...

Hi Kelley -

Cute image! Very nice details too! Thanks for visiting my site!


-pamela :)