Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Scattered Brain

I wish I knew why I can't start one project and stay with it.

I started our Christmas cards.  I'm using an image from Bugaboo Stamps. As I was coloring, I decided to start working on December mini albums for the grandchildren. So I started coloring images from Doodle Dragon Studios.

I checked our church bulletin and realized I missed some birthdays. I need to make cards. Then I decided I have no excuse for missing birthdays, so I went through the church directory and put together a calendar with reminders.

Wait, I thought I was working on Christmas cards!

I signed up for the Holiday Card Boot Camp with Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner. I've watched the Day 1 video. I'm now four days behind. I cleared my workspace so I could work on projects for this class. Looking at it right now, you would never know. I'd take a picture but I can't find the camera. I know it's here somewhere.

I got a text from SIL #1. He has to put in long hours at work and wondered if I would like to come play with the 'grandchitlins' sometime this week. In the end, I'll go up Wednesday, bring Daphne home Thursday and she will go home on Saturday. No craft time then!

Just found the camera. It was 18 inches from my head. Figures. In a place I have never put it before. That was a major mistake!

No wonder I'm scattered! If you can find it, note the large bottle of Tylenol. No, I don't pop those geltabs on a regular basis. However, if it gets too bad, they are close at hand. 

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Lynn said...

looking around on your blog since I saw yor Simple and Clean card (class). Had to laugh when I saw this picture... It looks exactly like my work space (except I have a bottle of Tums lol!)