Saturday, September 3, 2011

Babies and small children are meant for young people

I've been in charge of Daphne since Tuesday. I am ready for a nap.

Christian is an easy baby, so far! Daphne loves him and wants to hold him. I love him and like to hold him. Daphne and I are alike.

I can't craft as I'm 80 miles from my supplies. I think I'm in withdrawal. I can't drive to a craft store as I don't have a car. Yes, the keys out of it. D and I went home Thursday, DH brought us back Friday and went home with the car.

We ate lunch outside today. I was sharing a bench with Daphne. When she finished she got down. I wasn't thinking about it, leaned over, tipped the bench and ended up on the ground. What can you do but laugh. And be thankful I didn't land in chicken poop. DD has four free-range chickens. I will not have free-range birds. I don't like stepping or falling in chicken poop.

As I can't work on cards, I think I'll work on a Sudoku.

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