Sunday, January 15, 2012

It Snowed!

Keep in mind I live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Getting snow is something to celebrate. Unless someone driving on the 1/8 inch we had doesn't know what they are doing and hits the oak tree in our yard.

Yes, he slid, spun and hit the tree. In rains in Oregon. If it snows, the road is usually wet when the snow starts. Wet pavement, wet snow, driving faster than you should, spin and end up having a not so good day.

Years ago a branch fell off the tree. As it landed more in the ditch then the flowerbed, we left it there. It was a conversation piece. It looked like a dinosaur. People stopped and took pictures of it. I thought that was weird but then I'd lived with it for years. My dinosaur branch is no more.

I was staying in the house where it was warm. The driver's parents arrived. I saw DH reach for his wallet. I knew he was looking for his business card and his wallet was in the house. I grabbed a couple of cards and headed out. The kid's mom was saying 'He hit the landmark!' See, I told you it was a conversation piece. She then proceeded to say it had been there since she was a kid. Well, I don't think it had been there THAT long.

I had to take pictures showing the demise of the last dinosaur.

These were taken about 45 minutes after the accident. See how much snow we had left. I wasn't kidding when I said we had 1/8 of an inch! (The dinosaur remains are on the right, in case you were wondering.)

I guess he didn't hit the tree. The branch took the hit and kept him from hitting the tree. Knowing the tree, I think God was protecting the driver. Had he hit the tree, I have a feeling the tree would have struck back and landed on his car.

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