Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have been AWOL and decided to quick check in.

DD#3 has taken us for a ride. In June it was discovered she had high calcium levels. That led to a parathyroid hormone test which was way over normal. Then she had a scan done on her neck. Yes, one parathyroid glowed quite nicely. We met with an endocrinologist and then an ENT. She had two parathyroids removed last week.

As she has a lovely incision just above her collar bone, she isn't driving and I get to take her everywhere. She is trying not to turn her head too much as she doesn't want a big scar.

Yesterday DD#3 had follow up appointments with both doctors. At least they are in the same building. However the building is 75 miles away. The surgery was also done 75 miles away. We are blessed DD#1 lives close to the hospital so we don't have a motel bill.

Tuesday evening I caught DH pressing on his cheek. He had a toothache. Last night he couldn't sleep and admitted he should go to the dentist. Got in there, had an exam and we were sent to an oral surgeon. They took the tooth out. DH is now happy due to pain pills.

I feel like a medical transport driver. I want to lock myself in my room. Tomorrow I take DH back to the oral surgeon. Maybe next week I will get stay in my craft cave and no one will need to go to a doctor.

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