Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My dream! I tell DH he has four greenhouses (about 5,500 sq ft), I need at least half that space for my crafting. And I want it added to the house, with a floor and real roof (the greenhouses have roofs but I would prefer something other then plastic over my crafts). Well, I probably don't need that much space but he has always said figure out what you need and double it!

If I was willing to give up some hobbies, I could get by with even less. However, my sewing machines aren't leaving nor all the fabric I have. Then there are the patterns I like to buy. Add to that my passion for cross stitch. No way am I giving up that linen, silk thread or charts. Toss in the paper crafting, you know how much space that takes, and my 12 x 13 room just isn't enough. Then when our granddaughter spends the night, this is the room she stays in.

Upon further review, yep, I need about half the greenhouse space.

Last week I decided to go through some of the boxes in my room. Yes, I found things I had forgotten I had bought. I'm thankful I didn't buy them a second time! And guess which box they went into! Yes, To Use. I didn't know that was it's name until today in the Kick Start class.

As I look around my room, this is the only thing I am willing to put out there for the world to see...

My Copics. And even this is iffy, after I took the picture I realized some of the pens are in upside down. They are now fixed (I like them brush tip down). DH drinks Crystal Light and I found the empty containers to be perfect for holding my pens. It helps that it was a cheap storage system! 

So, now to the HUGE task of Day 3's homework. The rest of the room is just too messy for anyone to see. Does anyone else make a bigger mess of things when cleaning then the mess they started with?

Before I hit 'Publish' I was looking around to see if there was anything else I would photograph and add. Then I had to laugh, right there with my stamp cleaners is a cross stitch chart. What can I say?

At least it is a small one.


Kristina Werner said...

What a creative idea for Copic storage! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I need some of your crystal light containers. That is perfect for copics. I love it. I have been looking for ages for something to put copics in..TFS

Bonnie said...

I enjoyed your narrative as much as the info,thanks for giving me a laugh! I too have many hobbies with the sewing and material not getting much use lately but part with it or put it away? You have got to be kidding!

Lin said...

I am so glad to read about your triple hobbies. I love other loves are quilting and cross stitching, though with bifocals now that (CS) has taken a back seat. I did put my sewing machines away temporarily when I got deep into card making but they are very happy to be out again. My grand-daughter loves to sleep in my craft room...she gets to play without her brothers bothering her. Great idea repurposing the crystal ight containers.

Jan☺ said...

They look great...but what is Crystal Light?